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A student of Professional Writing is by definition a diehard lover of books. And what have all of those wonderful objects had, since parchment was placed between leather-covered wood back in the 5th century

A spine, of course. 

For our website, the word does double duty as an allusion to the core of a physical book's being, and that essential thing we all want our writing, and ourselves, to have: a backbone, metaphorical and real, that binds and keeps our best thoughts, words, and actions together.

Technology may change how and what we read and write, but we know where our love of literature comes from; knowing and caring about our history as readers and writers is a value our program, and our website, reflect.

Each fall semester, our second-year students work with their instructors to create the best possible look and feel for showcasing their work: fiction, personal essays, humour, features, reviews, and a lively social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Students also blog, learning how to present their work in a thoughtful, visually appealing, and professional way.

Check out our Spine Awards, judged by friends of Professional Writing who happen also to be top Canadian writers and editors.


What judges are saying

All seven finalists in the Best Blog contest are well beyond my expectations for students in the writing program. Each has a personal style, (not to mention correct syntax and spelling), and woos the reader with original content. Several are extremely personal, and several expose a passion. Some of you display a knack for writing dialogue.
—  Peggy Berkowitz
I enjoyed all the stories I read and am impressed by both the writing and the look of Spine. My enthusiasm is tempered only by the realization that before long you will all be taking work from me.
— Tim Falconer
The design is welcoming and elegant, the photos punchy and the categories well defined, with cheeky headlines and lively content. I plan to dip in regularly.
— Sheree-Lee Olson
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